Scenario 1

You get into your car one night and drive off from a night of drinking at the bar or your buddies house. You didn’t see the car coming, and it hit you. The speed wasn’t that significant, but a crash is a crash right?

There was one previous DUI in the past, and it was about 8 years prior. Problem is you never got caught from all the other times you were out drunk driving.

It started out drinking on the weekends with friends or co-workers maybe Friday night and Saturday afternoon. It started to progress into Saturday night after a little while, and that’s when you got that first DUI.


After that first DUI, you start to get a little bummed out losing all that money for fines, first offender DUI classes, and about 30-days of work alternative. Don’t forget the car was impounded for 30-days you may or may not have lost the car by then.

Shit all that is adding up to quite a bit of money! What do you do to make yourself feel better, well, of course, another fucking drink with the buddies or co-workers makes everything better.

The drinking starts to happen every day except those days you have to pay to go to DUI class. It starts out with oh 2 or 3 beers during the week not much yet. Weekends are a different story, they progress much more to the point you blackout every once in a while and wake up thinking about how you got home.

You get all done with what was necessary of you from the courts except for that pesky informal court probation. That’s not a big deal to you, and then you realize how much cash you lost and possibly a downgraded car, fucking sucks right? Not only that but there were some opportunities for advancement at work and other employment options you had to pass on due to this DUI, and you started to feel stuck in your life.

Now that the leashes have been loosened from around your neck you start to dig in deeper to the beer which slowly progressed to maybe vodka. Motivation to stop drinking has hit that downward spiral, you feel lost continuing to do what you think makes it all better. The drinking worsens.

Back to the crash

It didn’t look that bad you had been hitting the brakes anyway anticipating the stop. Your light turned green at the last second, so you kept going the other driver in the mini-van didn’t realize his light turned red. He had been driving 8-hours coming back from a family vacation and was tired.

Both you and the other driver get out a little banged up but okay. The other driver’s wife is fine but can’t get out of the vehicle because you hit that side of there car. He apologizes because he knows he was at fault and had been driving all day long. Meanwhile, the wife turns to see how the two children behind her are doing. The one that was supposed to be behind her dad went to the third seat in the back to lie down more comfortably about two-hours prior and never put her seatbelt back on. The 8-year old that took the direct impact had her seatbelt on she’ll be fine some bumps and bruises throw in a broken arm.

Warning signs you ignored

Your co-workers stopped drinking with you some time ago, and your friends aren’t the same ones at the beginning of this story. They just didn’t like being around you any longer and have told you it was because of your drinking. The family tried to speak to you about your drinking, and you just become frustrated with them even angry and made excuses not to go over so you could drink in peace.

Those friends you had been drinking with the last couple of years where people you met that drank like you. You didn’t even have to drink like I did to function in the mornings, but nonetheless, you needed a bottle every day up to this point. Not a full-blown alcoholic, not even a functioning alcoholic still under control. Well, except for those nights you drove home intoxicated and should have taken an Uber or Lyft home. I’m not saying everyone who drinks on a daily basis an alcoholic, but we need to look hard at our habits in life. This person man or woman and I am positive there are thousands or hundreds of thousands across the globe that drink like this fictional character.

Aftermath what if

What if that person learned from the DUI classes and maybe he did pay attention to what those people in 12-step meetings talked about. Better yet he even stopped drinking altogether the crash would have never have happened right?

The aftermath of my story

The police show up and realize the guy is intoxicated twice the legal limit. Arrested and he wants to take it to trial because he wasn’t at fault. He insists on

taking it to trial like most people who believe they did nothing wrong. Instead of taking a deal of 6 years, he’s found guilty and sentenced to 14 years in prison. Remember that first DUI 8 years ago, you guessed it, came back to bite him in the ass.

Why I do this

I do this so people can understand how just having a drink or a line of something and you drive home fuck even texting and driving nowadays. What do you think the family is going through after all this what happens when they don’t grieve properly? It’s unfortunate but some self-medicate to deal with the pain. What if the gentleman would have listened to his family and friends? If you think you may have a problem, or you’re thinking you might have an issue do me a favor and find a motivation to stop. For those of us in recovery please remember why we chose to stop doing whatever the fuck it was we were doing. This is a reality that people face all the time and one of the millions of possible scenarios where your life can change in an instant. I ask you what is your motivation to stop?


If you or a loved one is struggling w/addiction and would like more information please contact 1-888-633-3239

This writing is fictional.