Methamphetamines is an epidemic in America and only growing.

That Morning

His birthday always landed on the first weekend of school being out. That morning his mother made his favorite breakfast which was now only made on special occasions since his father passed away 3-years earlier.

That smell of bacon woke him up extra early and he was eager to get the day started. His little brother and sister were already at the table anxiously waiting to sing Happy Birthday to with his stack of pancakes in front of him.

After breakfast, they all started to play Mario Kart his brother is 12, and his sister is 9 so he was taking it easy on them. After, he let them win a couple time’s he decided it was his turn to win.bacon and pancakes

A couple of hours passed and he decided it was time for him to study after all his GPA throughout high school was s staggering 4.2. He wanted to get into a good college and support his mother and help his brother and sister, after all, he had to grow up quick and become the man of the house.

He worked part-time at the local liquor store stocking the shelves and cleaning up every now, and, then when the owner needed him. The owner knew the family since they moved into that neighborhood when his father got sick. They moved into that area due to the financial burden of what the insurance company refused to pay.

His father and mother made sure he didn’t fall into the gang life, and drug use that was so prevalent in that part of town. Even after his father passed on he knew it was a bad idea he was a great kid after all.

That Afternoon

When he was all finished studying, the rest of the morning he got ready for the rest of the day. His friends came over and picked him up to go out for some tacos. This is where he met his girlfriend at this little Taqueria her parents owned.

When they got there a cake immediately came out of the back tres leches one of his favorites. His girlfriend leading the way singing “Las Mananitas” the traditional Happy Birthday song in Spanish.

Her family adored him not just due to him being good to their daughter, but for the reason that, he was just a good young man all around.

After they had eaten, they all went to the show since he had volunteered to work that night. They all enjoyed the show eating popcorn and afterward went back to the restaurant to pick up the rest of the cake so he can take it to his family.

They sang Happy Birthday to him again with another cake and his mom gave him a present. It was his father’s watch and figured it was time for him to have it.

The Girlfriends Family

They had lived in the neighborhood for two generations and have seen it become worse year after year. Her parents did what they could to help protect their children from the violence and drugs in the area, but their son slipped away.

He had been in and out of jail since he turned 18 was now 21 involved in a local street gang and addicted to methamphetamines.

They kept a strong hold on their daughter and did everything they could to keep her accountable with school. There was no worry with her since she had seen growing up what was right and what was wrong.

She was just like her boyfriend, and that is what had attracted her to him, and vice versa, both young people who have set goals in life.

Her brother had been happy that his sister had found someone that was good to her. He actually enjoyed speaking to him during the times they had met.

That Night Ending 1

He gets ready for work goes and tells his brother, and sister, he’ll see them in the morning, and gives his mother a kiss asking her not to wait up for him.

police car

Work is going well for a Saturday night and has all the tasks completed before the end of his shift. Working late is the father of the store owner, so he decides to stick around for the extra hour before closing. He enjoyed talking to the older gentleman and listening to his stories about growing up in Mexico.

As it gets closer to closing time they start shutting everything down, and the old man starts to deposit the money in the drop safe his son only has the keys to.

As they start to walk out of the store, a vehicle comes racing up, and two men force them back into the store.

Little did they know a police cruiser was parked down the street and witnessed the entire thing. Her brother is the driver, high as a kite on methamphetamines, and a loaded gun in his lap.

The officer, realizing what is happening calls for back-up and starts towards the store. The officer arrives her brother panics and heads straight at the officer’s vehicle, the officer opens fire on him killing him.

That Night Ending 2

Her brother has been out of jail for about a month now it’s the longest he’s been out for some time now. He’s never really lasted that long on the streets without getting caught in possession of drugs or possession of burglary tools or something that keeps him there for some short amount of time.

He and his buddies have been getting high now for 4 straight days not getting any sleep at all. The meth they did have is running low and they started a plan to get some more.

They call some acquaintances of theirs and obtain the weapons needed for tonight’s string of robberies they had planned.

As night arrives, they do their first task and steal a car for their night’s plans. That’s the easiest task for the night.

As they, drive around and finally see a home that looks empty to them, make the first attempt of the night. All parked two of them get out and jump the fence to the backyard. The homes floodlights turn on, and they, make a run for it. The night they planned is not turning out very well for them, and they, decide to rob the liquor store for some easy cash money instead.

They get to the store and the brother is not the driver, he gets out and forces them back into the store. He never did realize who it was he took back into the store. After arguing for a minute about the money they decide to take their belongings instead.

He tries his hardest not to let him take his fathers watch. A struggle starts and the gun goes off. They hear another gunshot go off outside and then a crash.

They run out and see their friend has crashed into the police car. More sirens approach them from a short distance they are caught.


Both of these scenarios ended in a bad way and yet they do happen all the time all over America. Addiction is a killer both for the people who are addicted or the innocent lives that may come across it. If you or a loved one is struggling w/addiction and would like more information, please contact 1-888-633-3239 Please see some of my other scenarios about loved ones and addiction. Scenario 1 / Scenario 2 / Scenario 3