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Know What You Want To Achieve

Jason Ramirez February 15, 2019 10 Comments


Would you take off on a cross country trip without a particular destination in mind? You’ll most likely wind up having a lot of fun but you’ll also end up where you probably get into the most trouble as addicts. Same with life right? The fate of that trip rests entirely on the unmade-up minds […]


Is Motivation A Myth?

Jason Ramirez February 3, 2019 37 Comments

motivation the myth

mo·ti·va·tion (mōdəˈvāSH(ə)n) noun the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.”Perhaps you need some motivation to do what you should” Motivation A Myth Imagine your house is on fire right now and you’re outside while your suitcase containing all your life savings is in the same house, would you go in for the […]


Beyond Addiction; Motivation to Stop When the Urges Come

Jason Ramirez January 27, 2019 27 Comments

accountability to others is key

“Recovery is an acceptance that your life is in shambles and you have to change.” unknown Beyond Addiction The journey to giving up a habit is never an easy one. Habits are easy to form and one of the toughest things to break away from once we’ve become adapted to them. This is especially true […]


Life is Perfect

Jason Ramirez January 14, 2019 5 Comments

gaining wisdom is not perfectionism

Look at my headline, oh shit I crack myself up! Life is Not Perfect Nothing is perfect in this world if you’d like to suggest otherwise please be my guest and provide your insight. Life after rehab is going to be far from perfect as a matter of fact for those of you that are […]


Feel Free In Life

Jason Ramirez January 7, 2019 8 Comments

Never Give Up

Feel free in life”, I read that someplace and unfortunately do not remember where. It stuck with me and now my interpretation of feeling free in life. Now What? You stopped using/drinking both whatever it was you were doing or you wanted to stop but unsure if you want to because you are in this […]