Motivation to Stop, addiction is hard and many believe it’s a disease it can be easily be overcome. It’s not we get tired, we find a motivation to stop our addiction. What is your motivation?


contemplating addiction


Addiction is many things and comes in different forms to millions of people in life, some chose to get help, others live with it until they pass on and those come to untimely demises that affect everyone around them. You can call it enslavement, craving, fixation, obsession, dependence or whatever you want. As I said it comes in many forms and we most commonly know the form of drug/alcohol addiction, other types are plentiful here are just a few.

  • Food
  • Sex
  • Porn
  • Internet/Computers
  • Playing Video Games
  • Shopping

I can go on, on listing them as you can see they are behavioral as well, not only substances and then we can get into impulse control and make that list but I’m not.

Again addiction is a condition or a fact of not being able to control a particular activity, thing, or substances and is very difficult to stop, we just can’t stop it, it’s not a facet we can turn off and on.

Contemplation to Stop

There is this thing we use called “The Stages of Change” by DiClemente and Prochaska. So, not going to get into all 6 stages, today is just about contemplation. Contemplation is the realization that the person with a problem realizes s/he has a problem, only thing is they are just contemplating. “I have a problem, maybe I should try to quit this name of the problem, well I’m not hurting anyone but me so maybe I’ll go a little longer with this problem.” They may be researching on how to quit while they continue to do whatever it is they do. They have the pros and cons list of why they should quit and why they can continue. Maybe in that list, they have found that motivation to stop and have not realized it yet.

Where to Go for Help

I hear many people say they don’t know where to go to get the help they need or loved ones stating they are unaware of the surrounding resources. Here is a list of numbers to be able to call for you or a loved one. Just remember if you are a loved one you can not make that person change the person needs to be ready to change themselves first and foremost.

Remember there is no simple cure for addiction and please if you are a loved one reading this handle the situation carefully. Find out what the signs and symptoms are beforehand, do not just assume and it can be something easily explainable (yes I’ve seen it before). Addiction cannot be cured it is a chronic disease that needs to be managed forever, just the same as a diabetic that will need to manage diabetes the rest of their lives.

What are Motivations?

Motivation can be many things in people’s lives and my current motivation is my mother just see the about me page and you’ll understand. Now what will happen once she is gone, that is unknown for the moment and maybe continuing this blog and continuing to help others will be it and I pray that it will, but let’s move on.

Motivation to stop an addiction will just not happen, you cannot say “I’m motivated to quit snorting and smoking meth and drinking” it won’t work. Motivation is something more of a results-driven force, pull from it, set goals to get at it and achieve it whatever it may be.

Looking at a source and as unfortunate as this may sound to some of you, your kids or wife or husband may not be that source. I bet you’re saying “hey man your motivation is your mom what the heck” and your right but I have other motivations as well. So, motivated to never sleep in a car, truck or someplace other than a home again (unless camping), So, motivated to be able to eat and taste it and enjoy it. So, motivated by a lot of things we take for granted in everyday life that I personally never want to go without again. I got tired.

Motivation just does not show up and if we waited we’d never get anything done in life. We have to show up for motivation to show up, we need to participate in life for things to happen motivation will find us. We can not let ourselves down when motivation does show up and that’s where accountability is going to come into play (we’ll save that for another post).

Again where does it come from, well look inside of you! This is my opinion but I truly believe it comes from within you. That dopamine okay sorry dopamine is in layman terms “makes you feel good” if you can find a motivation in life that makes you feel good just like the addiction you’ve been chasing to feel good, you can replace it with a healthy activity. There is a deficiency in your life that is currently being fulfilled by whatever addiction you may have, find something you have been passionate about to assist you with the kickstart you have been waiting for. Remember motivation is a pleasure, find what you love in life and go get it, set goals to get it and you’ll be motivated to go and achieve or get whatever you are motivated for.

I Did Not Give You Much

That’s because I do not know what is motivating you to get over your addiction(s). What keeps you motivated to stop whatever it is that you had that addiction too. I would love to see it in the comments or if you are daring enough write a guest post for me and share your story for others to hear, you just may awaken someone’s motivation in life. What’s needed is for the motivation to stop coming from a place we need to leave, let us work together and maybe help just one person today.