Look at my headline, oh shit I crack myself up!

Life is Not Perfect

Nothing is perfect in this world if you’d like to suggest otherwise please be my guest and provide your insight. Life after rehab is going to be far from perfect as a matter of fact for those of you that are “normies” it’s the most difficult time in a recovering person’s life.

Completing rehab is such a major accomplishment some of us get out and think “yeah let’s go and celebrate” and then there fucked up again. Imagine that we get messed up after being in rehab for 28 days or 3-months or however long of a rehab stay was needed for you this time.

We need to remember this is a lifelong process this thing called recovery and life is not perfect, not a damn thing is perfect after rehab. 28 – or 90-day or more of a treatment program is not going to fix everything that is wrong; If you happen to be a loved one reading this there not fixed and if you are new in recovery you are not fixed!

It takes time to figure everything out, even if you did not go to rehab and got clean/sober doing something else maybe church, or AA/NA meetings or surfing or whatever got you sober you still got some things to work through.

By the way shit happens in life, it’s called life.

What is A Perfect Life?

When you figure it out please do me a favor and email me! Okay, that’s all I got for this paragraph.

Is having perfect health a perfect life? I’m gonna have to say for those of us that have used drugs and alcohol for a long period or even a short period of time are probably not in the best of health.

Let’s do something a little crazy here, well for me this is crazy because I’m the half glass empty type of guy or was or is still sometimes. Right now my glass is half full so screw it lets talk about it.

Continuing care after treatment is needed, I don’t care who you are and if you can make it past 5 years without any type of help afterward my hat is off to you.

Therapy, yes therapy with a therapist individual or even group counseling, getting a good therapist who knows addiction is not just a dependency it’s a lifestyle change as well can assist you with stress management and other triggers you may have not discovered just “yet”.

Alternative support group meetings that are not AA/NA. It’s important to find a group of some kind, whether it’s 12-step based or not find something. Most rehabs local or if you want to drive out of town to a different one because you think no one knows about your problem (there I go cracking myself up again). Serious they have aftercare groups that are not AA/NA 12-step meetings some are classes just like in rehab using proven methods to help with your early stages of recovery.

Here we go, AA/NA meetings your 12-step meetings, bet you thought I was going to skip this huh! The grandfather of addiction treatment AA 12-step program. Rely on a higher power something greater than ourselves, sounds all cult-like and shit doesn’t it. It works for millions of people and will continue to work for millions more it’s not a religion it’s spiritually based program and you can believe in whatever you want.

Here is a directory of 12-step programs if you are interested.

Building a New Life

Yeah, so that’s a hard part of early recovery for most individuals and is one of the most common things that make people relapse. Not having a perfect life it’s building a new life. Remember Life is not perfect or is it?

You can build a new social life after rehab and can open up endless possibilities even though we are still all fuc… you know what I mean.

You know those old activities that centered around our old social network no not Facebook and shit like that I mean real people. Like going to the movies but thinking we can be cool and sneak in a bottle of liquor those activities.

So what am I getting at here is yes go to the movies sober without passing out half-way through it. Here are some things we can do, now that we have gotten rid of the old friends and try these new activities with the new crowd who hopefully have the same goal in common, staying away from that addiction.

Movies (oh shit already said that)

Take a Class (any class)

Volunteer (yes give back to the community)

Go take a hike (self-explanatory I hope)

Play Video Games (even if you’re old it’s still fun)

Go to a Concert (believe it or not there fun sober)

Learn an instrument

Just imagine all the crap you can do now that you’re saving all that damn money from drugs and alcohol or whatever the heck you were doing. Hold that thought, not unless you’re in debt due to your addiction but that’s another post for another day and besides there are plenty of free things to do, the list is endless.

Life is Perfect

Life isn’t meant to be lived perfectly, it’s to be LIVED. We can do it fearlessly, fiercely, gracefully, erratically, clumsily, or wonderfully as long as we LIVE it to it’s fullest by any means necessary imperfect or not.

Everyone struggles in life, some more than others and that’s obvious, significant or not a struggle is a struggle and we never know what someone may be dealing with in life. Remember to always be kind to one another no matter how you feel that day.

There’s no perfect life. Something is always going on. Besides if everything would be perfect, life would be fuc… boring!