Would you take off on a cross country trip without a particular destination in mind? You’ll most likely wind up having a lot of fun but you’ll also end up where you probably get into the most trouble as addicts.

Same with life right? The fate of that trip rests entirely on the unmade-up minds of addicts with no direction in life or knowing what it is that they want to achieve in life. This sucks!

Setting goals gives your life focus and direction. Goals are what makes a person appreciate success and the life they are living. Surprisingly success is not always about the amount of money you have in your bank account. If your goal in life is to gather an enormous bank account then your living life wrong. Then, on the other hand, if your goal in life is to be happy and free with no worries, how do we get to that?

You see, setting goals to give you direction and show you the important part’s of life is about applying more pressure to get what we want in life. The aim of this post is to show you the 5 most important steps to achieving any goal and getting the kind of results we’ve always dreamed of.

5 Steps for Achieving Any Goals In Life

Set Goals That Motivate You

Motivation plays a large role in achieving goals, and it is important that you set those goals where the end result will motivate you towards achieving them. set goals

Let’s take for instance if your goal is learning how to play the guitar take a little time and consider what that means to you when you finally learn how to play. Do you plan on becoming a professional, would you feel happy that you’ll be able to play or just brag about it?

At times the end results of some goals may not really be worth it and as you progress in your journey towards achieving that goal, you’ll hopefully sooner rather than later discover this and then abandon that goal. By then you’ll not only have wasted valuable time but also may have lowered your self-esteem thinking you can never achieve anything good in life. The truth is, you can achieve many things in life if they are things where the end results really motivate you. Anyone can do that.

So first take a step towards achieving success is setting goals that will motivate you to take that first step. Think about how achieving a particular goal will mean to you and how your life will change. Once you can visualize this, you should be able to determine if the goal is worth pursuing or not. Is quitting that addiction worth pursuing?

Put Your Goals In Writing

Writing down your goals will ensure you’ll never forget about them. The faintest ink is said to be a lot better than the best memories.

Even the mere act of writing down your goals will give you a better perspective of the journey you are about to embark on. Most times when you unburden your mind and keep you calm while writing, aside from gaining more inspiration on what you really want. You’ll be able to find your imagination roaming wide and far on the best course of action to achieving these goals.

While writing your goals, avoid vague terms like, “I would or might like to learn how to play the guitar”, focus on practical and actionable terms like “I’ll learn to play the guitar in six months”. This sort of goal setting gives you a sense of determination and urgency to your goals, they’ll appear more practical and achievable.

Make Plans Towards Achieving Your Goals

Once you’ve put your goals into writing and can visualize them, the next step is to make plans on how to achieve them.

Planning these steps you need to take towards achieving your goals is very important. For instance, would you like to have a million dollars in your savings account in a year? That’s a great fucking goal, but how do you plan to accomplish that? Clearly, you can’t have somebody drop that chunk of cash in your account as the year comes to an end. So you’ll want to draw a well laid out plan right? Take the time to spread that amount over a 12 month period. Just don’t go using that cash to support your addiction.

Planning these steps will help you towards achieving any goal that’s important to you. Your goals are like the peaks of a mountain tops while your plan is the route leading there.

Follow Your Plans

Once you’ve made a well laid out plan, the next step is to follow through. Following through is easier said than done.

Lots of challenges will come your way, so much you’ll want to give up, but if you hold on, the view is always better at the top.

It is usually at this point you’ll begin to understand why it is advised you set only goals with end results to motivate you. Only when you’re motivated enough is when you’ll want to fight until the end.

Let’s take, for instance, us as addict’s struggling to quit that sweet habit that’s obviously ruining our life and family’s lives. We, addicts, will never find enough motivation to stop. That’s unless we’re convinced the end results are worth our efforts to overcome this hellish sensation of our addictions. It’s unfortunate in our addictions many of us see motivation as a myth.

Be Accountable

When working towards your goals be accountable to yourself. Don’t give up because when the going gets tough or hell because it will don’t give up.


Understand that if you don’t achieve your goals you’ll have no one to blame but yourself and it wouldn’t be anyone else’s fault but yours.

Setting goals are important to achieving success in life and quitting that damn fucking addiction as well.


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