Feel free in life”, I read that someplace and unfortunately do not remember where. It stuck with me and now my interpretation of feeling free in life.

Now What?

You stopped using/drinking both whatever it was you were doing or you wanted to stop but unsure if you want to because you are in this contemplation stage of “oh shit if I stop what do I do after, life is going to get boring!”

I call bullshit, life is just beginning you just haven’t realized the full potential of what it is you can be doing clean/sober or whatever the addiction was that kept you going. So, let me ask you this question was being trapped by the endless cycle of whatever it was you did fun? Now think about this take a minute or two or five and think hard.

For those of you upset that I called bullshit on you here is another question for you. Have you found what you love to do in life? Are you happy in your job or is it just a job? Are you happy in life period or just going through the motions? Sorry was more than another question, I want you to answer them honestly. My Answers are Below.

somewhat (long story and as I post more you’ll understand)
going through the motions and slowly figuring it out

As you can tell I don’t even freaking know what the hell I want to do and I’m 42 years old writing this clean/sober 5 years 3 months.

Well, we can become anything we want no matter what age we just have to go for it albeit there may be some age restrictions for certain things in life and it does not mean you are limited to what you want to do at all!

Ask yourself are you doing what you love? Some may already be doing it and work doesn’t feel like work at all, it may be your hobby make it your damn job. Don’t be afraid to change, be happy in life!

We’ve wasted enough time if you are my age or older if you happen to be younger than go do what you love if you are not sure than keep looking.


Why do most people relapse? They get comfortable in their recovery, stop going to meetings, think they are “strong enough” to be around old acquaintances and so on I can list hundreds of examples.

This is why it is said we need to find another thing to replace our addictive thinking for something productive.

We need to take control and start taking responsibility for our lives once and for all. We need to start taking relentless action on why we stopped our addictive behaviors in the first place or we will relapse.

Change the people, places, and things we change our lives for the better.

We need to take risks and get out of comfort zones to keep growing, life is still fun and you can not grow without taking some risks in life right? When you are young or if happen to still be young we think “oh no life is over now that I can’t drink anymore or hang out with my friends” that’s horse shit!

In the end, the Why is why you stopped that addiction in the first place; Find your way and you’ll find greater happiness than you have ever felt before and instead of chasing that addiction trying to capture that first good feeling you’ll always have it finding your Why in life.


Alleviate the lack of confidence that seems to forbid some of us to find that purpose. It’s not an easy process I tell my groups this all the time when they just happen to be stuck in life, in fact, it’s a Steve Jobs quote very real and wished everyone can do it, here is part of it “love what you do, if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.”

You know what the response is from 99% of these very talented individuals are? “I don’t have the confidence” or “what if I fail”.

Sounds all idealistic and shit, right? Well, unfortunately, it’s not that easy for most of us “I’m in the same fucking boat and I’m writing about this shit.” You may say “how dare you to tell us about it if you don’t even know yourself” well put you are panties back on and let me explain as best I can.

Let’s be honest here we are all afraid of failure, if we had no fear I bet the majority of us would be dead by now, but no here we are kicking some ass living one day at a time.

Avoid the avoidance, we all want to feel free in life start taking that action to keep moving forward, just because the addiction stopped and we are “living life” are we really or we just going through the motions?

Find It!

We all are meant to be successful in life, we have been put on this earth to do something and it is up to us individually to find it.

When you find that talent let others benefit from it, we have been given that talent to share with others in life use it.

When others benefit from someone’s talent it can help change their lives forever even if it’s just one person, that person can then carry on their talent to possibly millions of others and help them.

Here is something I think we’d all like using our talent for. This is kind of a big one, in my opinion, you guessed it making some cold hard cash! How about that, making money on a talent you have and most likely love to do daily.

Talent can leave a long-lasting impression on people, ya know maybe a book or two written about you, a statue (damn mine would be fat and horrible looking), maybe a library without having to pay to place your are name put on it, ya know shit like that I believe it’s called leaving a legacy behind.

When finding that talent we tend to learn and develop a lot more information than before and our self-confidence begins to soar to new heights. Life has a little more meaning.

Life having more meaning, we are satisfied in life! When we do the things we love it’s a healthier life. We worry less, which means less stress in our lives. The emotions we have become more positive and less negative. We feel like we can conquer the day having more energy when we wake up.

Finding what you love to do is not hard, not hard at all it just takes a commitment to get started on it. Start now and don’t stop, make that promise to yourself. You may already know it and just haven’t realized it, our creator or whatever it is you may believe in has already given it to you find it.


You know the way we find a sponsor, you look for someone that has what you want. I found him he jokes around, loves helping others almost to a fault and has an inner peace in him that it radiates happiness to others all around him (annoys the heck out of me to this day) and love him all the same. Well, that is exactly what we need to do to feel free in life, find that something learn it just like we do when we become free from our addictions. It will not be easy and hell neither is getting clean/sober but we did it, so we can do this.

Don’t ever let anyone discourage your dream

Don’t let the past hinder your future, It was a learning experience

Don’t settle, go above and beyond

If you can imagine it, it can happen

Never lack the confidence needed to pursue your dream!

Jason Ramirez