4 Common Factors to Beating Addiction

Okay, you know someone that you love and care about has a substance abuse problem. Now your thinking how can I help?

4 things to beat addiction

Let me tell you this first before you go around trying to help a friend or loved one out of their situation. They have to want help before you can go helping them. If they don’t want the help it’s not your fault and you won’t be able to, that’s a fact! If you are reading this and it’s you who wants the help keep reading.

Remember this when they or you go get the help that they never intended on receiving in the first place. This is where you come into play again after they relapse you cannot be mad at them it happens. It’s rare that an addict will leave rehab and have sobriety and stick with it. Remember it’s not your fault and they have an addiction a disease. For the addict reading this, don’t kick yourself for not getting it right this takes time.

You also need to know there are no casual methamphetamine users, opioid abusers, or blackout drinkers. They have a problem with substances and to them, it’s a faze a non-issue. Sad to say many will die due to this thinking and some innocent people as well.

Sooner or later you want your friend or loved one back to normal hell you want to be back to normal. You want that, excuse my language “that fucking shit” away from them. You know there is a healthy and productive person in them but you can’t find it. The answer is there, they need to look deep down into themselves to find that motivation to stop.

Let’s take a look at 4 factors that can help that friend or family member or yourself find recovery from addiction issues.

#1. Rehab Programs Yes They Are Worth It

Before you go thinking rehab is the best option, you need to take a look at some factors, be realistic, oh and rehab is not cheap. There are some states are federally funded to find out if your state is covered click here. Now there are some people that will benefit from a structured live-in treatment program. You’ll need to find a program that will benefit the best interest of the individual.┬áTheir beliefs and values, interests, expectations, and lifestyle should all be taken into consideration. You’ll also need to see if they have a detox or you may have to handle that yourselves at home something that can be risky.

#2. 12-Step Programs

The 12-step program is part of your puzzle

12-step programs are worth their weight in gold or copper (joke). They are spiritually based not religious based let us get that out of the way first. In meetings, you’ll find a sponsor, someone you can talk to and helps you along in your recovery. S/he will take you through the 12-steps and make suggestions for you. You’ll find a support group of people that have gone through similar challenges as you in the past that can also help you. You start to build a bond and a connection with the people you meet and they sometimes become a second family. Try one out, here is where you can find meetings near you and their worldwide. It’s like putting your life back together one puzzle piece at a time I like to think.

#3. People, Places, and Things

Staying away from people, places, and things, this is essential in and will be difficult in early recovery but a thing you must learn to do. Yes, it’s easier said than done this shit is not easy and that’s why the hard work is recommended. You can build that support group of new friends and places and things in rehab and 12-step meetings. Balance is key to keeping some of the things that trigger you it’s not easy but can be learned. Change is hard for everyone and changing in early recovery is one of the hardest things an addict can do. Not going to parties, concerts, sporting events, bars will be difficult but until you learn how to handle those situations change them. Anyone you use to drink with including family cut them off walk away from them, for some you may never see again. There are always specific things that you did while drinking or using and some will be as simple as watching a TV show or listening to certain music something harmless to others but a big trigger for you. Making a positive change in your life takes work (that ugly four letter word again) I’ll say it again recovery takes work!

#4. It’s You

I’m by no means an expert but have the experiences to talk and write about this. I’ve been through this myself many times with relapse after relapse. I’ve worked in this field now for 3-1/2-years at the time of writing this. One common thing everyone has in common that stays clean and sober is that they want it. The motivation behind everything we do is what defines everything we do in life, changing that motivation is the most crucial part for us addicts and alcoholics. As we get older motivations to begin to change you get tired and find that motivation to stop or if you’ve been in recovery sometimes we also need to watch our own motives. Life begins to take a toll and stress comes in, everything starts to feel overwhelming and staying sober is no longer a priority. Just imagine how that new person feels trying to get clean and sober keep that motivation front and center all the time before it gets lost in everyday life. We need to continue making connections in life to keep going and growing and get the fuck out of our comfort zones.

My Thoughts

I do believe treatment centers work, 12-step programs work, and I believe you can stop on your own. Like I’ve said before it’s up to you or the individual you want to help. Motivation is the key but most importantly learning the skills to keep from using and drinking again.


If you or a loved one is struggling w/addiction and would like more information please contact 1-888-633-3239