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Alcohol Awareness Month

Jason Ramirez April 2, 2019 5 Comments

helping others

Alcoholism is a deadly disease, let’s make people aware before it’s too late. How It Started Every year since 1987 Alcohol Awareness month has taken place. This is the first year that Motivation to Stop is writing about it, and God willing will be writing about it for years to come. It was started by […]


Off My Path

Jason Ramirez March 24, 2019 37 Comments

A typical day in a 50+ man residential rehab. Actually, a typical 2 hours and 25 minutes. Before Group It’s 1 pm and group start’s in 15 minutes, I have no lesson planned, but have the idea in my mind. I’m making copies of what I think I want to give to them and making […]


Two Lives, Different Roads; Destroyed by Methamphetamines

Jason Ramirez 25 Comments

the watch and gun

Methamphetamines is an epidemic in America and only growing. That Morning His birthday always landed on the first weekend of school being out. That morning his mother made his favorite breakfast which was now only made on special occasions since his father passed away 3-years earlier. That smell of bacon woke him up extra early […]


5-Factors in Determining A Drug Rehab

Jason Ramirez March 19, 2019 18 Comments

To go to Rehab or Not that’s the question. You may be tempted to think you’re alone, but the problem of addiction is widespread. In 2014 alone, over 14 million people were alcoholics, 4.5 more had problems with other drugs and a little above 2.5 million abused both drugs and alcohol. Just imagine how many […]


Just Another Meth Up Scenario

Jason Ramirez March 8, 2019 25 Comments


Now it never ends in doom and gloom. The Beginning It started later in life, he’s 24-years-old and just graduated from college and about to get married. He’s back in his hometown and heads to an old high school friend’s house for a party. Everyone is having a great time, and he is introducing his […]